Anti-Step for Steps and Treads

Protiv klizne trake za stepenice   Protiv klizne trake za stepenice i gazista   Protiv klizne trake za rampe


Anti-slip tapes are used in places where there is a risk due to high moisture on surface so that workers or other people can slip and fall. The best way to protect yourself from injuries due falling is to apply these tapes. Use both inside and outside on sporting skateboard, steps, walkways, hospital, public balcony, work areas, industrial equipment, trucks etc

Application on:

  • Steps
  • Places that invalids use
  • Glass steps
  • Children playgrounds
  • Sporting skateboard
  • Trucks
  • Trailers
  • Airplanes
  • Various places if exist danger of slipping

Anti-slip tapes are available in the following colors and dimensions:

Product nameColorDimensions
Anti-Slip Tape Grey 19mm x 18m
Anti-Slip Tape Grey 25mm x 18m
Anti-Slip Tape Black 19mm x 18m
Anti-Slip Tape Black 25mm x 18m
Anti-Slip Tape Yellow/Black 19mm x 18m
Korac Tape Ltd.  

Referance: Other dimensions available on request.


Application of anti-slip tapes for treads



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