Printed Single Sided Packaging Tape (Low Noise)

low noise trake


Packaging low noise tapes are very interesting for companies that use packaging tape in small rooms, so when many workers at the same time are sticking many carton boxes it reduces noise and enables better communication between workers. It is also used in all supermarkets where workers have to pack certain goods in the same room, because when you use low noise tape workers do not disturb customers.

Advertising on adhesive tape low noise has taken root in all sectors of the economy where it can take advantage of its efficiency. Printing on adhesive tapes means printing logo, drawing, text, or the name of your company on the adhesive film of the exceptional resistance and functionality. These packaging are widely used in packaging industry for sticking and labeling boxes, printing industry, in production of food, glass, and ceramics. This method of packaging provides significant savings in advertisements, storage and protection products. They are intended for light and medium heavy packages to support of the content.

This is a profitable way to advertise because it saves time and money. Also, during the transportation of materials and goods, name and logo on the tape will be clearly highlighted. We can offer you many different dimensions of our low noise packaging tapes and help you to choose the tape that best suits your needs and job requirements.


  • Industry of food (products od meat, bakeries...)
  • Publishing and printing industry (packing of books, brochures, newspapers...)
  • Packaging industry (shipping packages, sending the letters...)
  • Firmly sticking carton boxes

Product caracteristics:

  • The best material quality (polipropilen)
  • High tensile strenght
  • Natural rubber based ahesive (solvent glue)
  • Resistance to high and low temparature,
  • Excellent resistance to ageing and UV exposure
  • Well adaptable to different shapes
  • Good elongation
  • Leaves no trace of glue when is unstick,
  • It can be used two-three years (if kept under certain conditions)
  • Decomposing material (environmentally healthy)
  • Detaching the tape from surface emits almost no noise

Technical data:
Backing: 0.028 mm BOPP film (biobased material – polypropilen)
Adhesive:  acrylic adhesive 22g/m, white
Total thickness: 0,048mm
Adhesion to steel: 4,5N/25mm
Tensile strength MD: 100 N/25mm
Elongation at break: 140 %
Temp. Resistance: -40°C/60 °C

Low Noise packaging tapes are available in the following dimensions:

Product nameDimensions
Low Noise Packaging Tape  10mm x 66m
Low Noise Packaging Tape  15mm x 66m
Low Noise Packaging Tape  19mm x 66m
Low Noise Packaging Tape  25mm x 66m
Low Noise Packaging Tape  38mm x 66m
Low Noise Packaging Tape  50mm x 66m
Low Noise Packaging Tape  75mm x 66m
Low Noise Packaging Tape  50mm x 990m
Low Noise Packaging Tape  50mm x 330m
Low Noise Packaging Tape  50mm x 660m
Low Noise Packaging Tape  1000mm x 66m
Low Noise Packaging Tape  150mm x 66m
Korac Tape Ltd.  

Reference: We can print  50mm, 75mm, 100mm, 150 width - 990m lenght (for machine application). Other dimensions available on request.



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