Marking Tape

trake za obeležavanje

Marking tapes are high quality tapes made of soft PVC that use an aggressive pressure on the soft natural rubber or other surface to which it is applied. It has excellent mechanical strength, easy adhesion, high resistance to abrasion and easy adhere to floors. If is necessary, tape can be cut to a little pieces and affix  to make signs e. g. when fire broke (marking the road to exit doors).


  • Things are visually highlighted e. g. fire extinguishers, hydrants etc.
  • For the marking and division of working areas e.g. in factories and warehouses
  • For marking lift truck’s road
  • For marking distance in bank, post office etc.
  • Especially suitable for the marking of parking spaces and gangways in the airports, docks and stations (in covered area)

Product characteristics:

  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor (covered area) use
  • Resistance to abrasion, corrosion, humidity and extrusion
  • Available different colors for easy distinguish

Marking tapes are available in the following colors and dimensions:

Product nameColorDimensions
Marking tape Yellow 50mm x 33m
Marking tape Red 50mm x 33m
Marking tape Green 50mm x 33m
Marking tape Blue 50mm x 33m
Marking tape White 50mm x 33m
Marking tape Yellow / Black 50mm x 33m
Marking tape Red / White 50mm x 33m
Marking tape Red / White 50mm x 50m
Korac Tape Ltd.  

Reference: Other dimensions available on client’s request. Delivery after a month.


Application of marking tapes



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