Heavy Duty Packaging Tape

trake za teške terete


Medium tensile cross weave tape is single saded tape reinforced with bi-directional glass yarns. Tape is very strong because of glass yarns, which give extraordinary tensile strength making the tape very resistant to break.

Most suitable for bundling and carton reinforcement. Ideal for shipping, mailing, moving and package sealing. Mostly suitable for water transportation (over the river, sea or ocean) and railway transportation of packaging products.


  • For wrapping and securing a large number of packages (newspapers, glass, pipes, building materials, concrete bricks...)
  • For several packaging functions such as closing corrugated fiberboard boxes, reinforcing packages or crates, bundling items, pallet unitizing, etc.
  • For winding steel and bundling paper
  • For firmly grasping bales of straw hay bales and textiles
  • It has wide use: in construction area, in industry of packaging and export of goods, when sending Red Cross Shipment, in agriculture and textile industry.

Technical data:
Backing: BOPP film assembled with bidirectional glass yarns
Adhesive: synthetic rubber
Total thickness: 0.140mm
Adhesion to steel: 25 N/25mm
Tensile strenght MD: 550 N/25mm
Elongation at break: 6 %
Temperature resistance: 60°C
Tape width: 50mm
Tape length: 66m
Color: transparent, with yellow glass yarns

Product caracteristics:

  • High adhesion in most situations
  • Very sticky on different surfaces
  • Good resistance to break, also transversally
  • Easy handling
  • High security in application



Application of heavy duty packaging tapes



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