Self-Adhesive Felt Pads

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Felt pads are self-adhesive protective pads made of soft wool. These pads protect your floor from scratches and dents and makes it looks the same like first time you installed it. Felt Pads are designed to easily adhere to bottom of furniture and allow for smooth movement across your floors. An easy and quick method to eliminate black floor marks, abrasiveness, reduces moving noise and extend the life of your floors.

These pads are for use on items such as furniture (desk, tables, chairs, sofas…), DVD/VCR players, stereos, televisions, computer equipment and more (lamps, figurines, vases…). It has wide use and is used for indoors (houses, office…). Ideal for wood tile floors, hardwood, laminate, ceramic tile, terrazzo, linoleum, vinyl and marble floor surfaces.

Product characteristics:

  • Adhere to wooden legs of chairs, tables and other furniture
  • Diminishes friction and noise
  • Allows smooth movement across your floors
  • Recommended floor surfaces: hardwood, wood tile, linoleum floors etc.
  • Easy to peel and stick
  • If it is required, simply modify according to your desires (cutting with scissors and other tools)

For installation it is recommended to prepare surface by cleaning and lightly sanding to ensure better adhesion of the pads. Attach directly to leg bottom or glide bottom with adhesive already on the pad. Simply peel off a paper covering and press the adhesive backed pad to the dry, clean leg or glide bottom. Replace pads periodically on chairs that are used regularly as dirt and grit can become embedded in them. Be aware, if you want clean pads on longer period of time, you must regularly clean your floor.

Felt pads are available in the following colors and dimensions:

Product nameDimensionsMin. QuantityShape
Peel n Stick Felt Pads 22mm diameter 16 pcs/pad Circle
Peel n Stick Felt Pads 28mm diameter 8 pcs/pad Circle
Peel n Stick Felt Pads 10 x 10 cm 1 pcs/pad Square
Color: Black
Self adhesive: Yes



Application of self-adhesive felt pads



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