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Korac Tape Ltd. is founded in 1991. as company for production, printing and trade. In 2003. it was renamed to Korac Tape and moved to Novi Sad. Today it owns two facilities: in Novi Sad 840 square metres (m2) and in Vrbas 500 square metres (m2) and has modern technology for the production, printing, cutting and packaging. In 2013. Korać R has opened a branch office in Slovakia and operates under the name Korac Tape.


The company is specialized in the application of all kinds of adhesive tapes, but the basis is the cutting and sale of polypropylene adhesive tape coated with natural rubber adhesive. This kind of tape is known for good quality features, specifically for packaging boxes in all conditions, on high and low temperatures. Also, this kind of tapes are environmental healthy. Korac Tape is most recognizable in the market with his program of printing logos, trademarks or the desirable text on the entire length of the tape.

Heavy duty packaging tapesIn our product range are printed tapes for packaging, labeling, gluing, advertising, anti-slip

Advertising on adhesive tape has taken root in all sectors of the economy where it can take advantage of its efficiency. Printing on adhesive tapes means printing logo, drawing, text, or the name of your company on the adhesive film of the exceptional resistance and functionality. These pressure-sensitive tapes (with print) are widely used in packaging industry for sticking and labeling boxes, printing industry, automotive industry, in production of food, glass, and ceramics. This method of packaging provides significant savings in advertisements, storage and protection of products. They are intended for light and medium heavy packages to support the content. Proizvodnja stampanih traka

We can offer you large list of our products and help you to choose the tape that best suits your needs and job requirements. List of our products include: pressure-sensitive tape (with print), duct tape, floor marking tape, anti-slip tape, double-sided tape and so many others. We will help you to find the right product and if you require something specific for your application, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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Proizvodnja i prodaja traka za obeležavanje.

Production and sale of adhesive and printed tapes for various use Korac Tape Ltd.

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Novi Sad 21000

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